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Timeless Elegance of Roman Shades: Beauty, Practicality, and Design

Roman Shades, with their timeless appeal and versatility, have long been a favorite choice for window treatments. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and functionality or seeking to make a bold design statement, Roman Shades offer the perfect blend of beauty and practicality for any room.

Functionality meets Style:

Roman Shades can serve dual purposes – as operating shades for light control and privacy or as stationary valances to enhance the overall design aesthetic of a room. Their ability to seamlessly blend functionality with style makes them a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike.

Mallory Frank of Barbara Gisel Design with Peter Zimmerman Architects

Enhancing with Embellishments:

Elevate the look of your Roman Shades with embellishments such as trims and shaped tops or bottoms. These decorative elements add personality and flair, transforming your shades into stunning focal points of your interior décor. These are best used as decorative stationary valances as they don’t lay well when operated. 

Simply Sheers

Sheer fabrics are best used for relaxed roman shades that are non working. They will swoop and relax at the bottom even if you try to make them straight. The mechanics of the shade will also be visible through a sheer. As a stationary valance that looks like a pulled up shade a sheer can be made to look great without the problems of a working sheer shade.

The Importance of Lining and Interlining:

To ensure optimal performance and durability, we highly recommend lining and interlining for Roman Shades. Not only do they enhance the luxurious look and feel of the shades, but they also provide added protection against sun damage and help control drafts for improved energy efficiency.

For spaces where blackout capabilities are essential, the blackout layer can be seamlessly integrated as the interlining, providing complete light blockage and privacy whenever needed.

Proper operation Roman Shades relies on a lot of hidden mechanics such as rings, strings, ribs and lift systems. Layers of linings and interlinings can help minimize the visibility of the parts.

Mounting Options:

When mounting Roman Shades outside of the window casing, it’s essential to consider how to conceal the lift systems from the side view. This can be achieved through upholstered side legs, a soft wrapped valance or a stylish cornice board placed over the shade, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your windows.

In conclusion, Roman Shades offer a perfect balance of beauty, practicality, and design versatility, making them an ideal choice for any home décor project. 

Note: All images showcased are authentic works created by Drapery Design