Polar Vortex? Draperies to the Rescue!

Polar vortex? Whoever heard of such a thing before this year? Are you experiencing those artic blasts of air that make even the inside of your heated house seem chilly and create drafts by your windows? We have some solutions for you!

Bed Drapes: For centuries, draperies have been used to block drafts and capture heat within a space. If you have a drafty bedroom you might want to consider this solution in a more modern look!

Bed Draperies

Portieres: You will be amazed by how well a simple drapery panel in an opening or doorway between rooms can keep the heat contained in a room! These are called Portiere draperies and they are a great way to control drafts.


Window Draperies: We love draperies as a cozy window covering! They can significantly block drafts and trap heat in a room. Over the years we have had many people tell us that their draperies made a big difference in warming up a room and lowering heating bills. We can also provide many types of thermal linings to suit all your needs!

Window Draperies


We at Drapery Design have been drapery experts for over 23 years! Here is a video from our new YouTube channel with more information about draperies. Stop by our showroom for more inspiration and stay warm!

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