Inspiration: The Perfect Family Room

“The Family that Plays Together Stays Together”

Design a family room that will create memories

Arrange Furnishings to Encourage Togetherness

A well arranged family room is one that promotes comfortable conversation. Instead of placing your seating in a line parallel to the television, try moving the furniture so more people can easily converse. Consider electronics friendly tables so those who prefer to “surf” the web can still be in the same room as the rest of the family. Don’t forget to have good a reading light next to a comfortable place for the bookworms in your family.


Control Natural Lighting

Window treatments are not just for privacy. As well, they are used to frame a beautiful view, control light direction, and thermal protection. Since the family room is one of the most used rooms in a home, it is very probable your window treatments will need to do it all.

Full draperies are wonderful for privacy, thermal protection, and framing a view. However, when used in combination with blinds or shutters, you can achieve the perfect scenario for your room. Shutters especially allow you to re-direct light, by changing the angle of their slats, you can block most light, or even better, redirect the light toward the ceiling or floor depending on your needs. You can see shutters on this page that we came across when trying to find the perfect ones for our window. When used with full draperies, a complete blockage of light is easily attained for watching movies on a snowy Saturday together… or to tame that glare and enjoy Sunday sports!

Select Furniture for Comfort and Style

When choosing your furnishings, really consider exactly how they will be used. Prime example is the sofa… are you going to sit on the sofa or lay down? If you choose to sit upright, do you plan to have your feet on the floor, or, will you find another piece of furniture for which to prop them? How many family members on a daily basis will be using the room at one time? Do you have enough seating already or are you in need of some furniture that can multipurpose itself when necessary?