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Stay Warm with these Window Treatments

Tall draperies

Windows are responsible for up to 30% of the heat lost in your house during the winter! With energy-efficient window treatments, you can retain the heat and beautify your rooms at the same time. Insulating window treatments help you reduce energy consumption and save on heating costs by as much as one third.  You can maximize your window coverings efficiency by opening them during the day when they catch free solar heat and then close them at night to keep the heat in.


Correctly fitted draperies are the best window treatment to keep the warmth in your room, not going out the window. The draperies need to be mounted properly over the window and hang to the floor to be most effective to reduce heat lost. The sides must have a snug return to the wall to close the gap.

The correct lining can make a big difference in the energy efficiency of the window treatment. Interlining, an additional layer of flannel fabric placed between the face fabric and the lining, will save you in heating costs and keep your room significantly warmer. Interlined draperies are the best treatment for warming up a drafty door. Not quite as effective as interlining, but more effective than standard lining is a napped sateen lining, also called two-in-one. It has one napped side that looks like flannel and the other side is the standard sateen lining.  Blackout lining has several thin coatings of foam added to a lining fabric that enables it to be room darkening, but it also has insulating properties and can dampen noise to create a quieter room.

door drapery

Roman Shades

Shades mounted on the frame help block the drafts! This simple treatment with the flannel or blackout linings can also be very effective when well fitted.

Relaxed roman shade

Cellular shades.

Also called honeycomb shades, their cells trap air warmed by the sun and hold the air as a barrier for a draft. Hunter Douglas Architella shades have the highest rating for energy efficiency.

Architella cellular shades

Think about the impact all of your window fashions can make. Not only to beautify your home, but to keep your room warm and comfortable and to help you reduce costs by using their energy efficient properties! Quality window treatments are truly a wise investment!


Ten Reasons To Love Natural Woven Shades!

At Drapery Design we love the look of natural fibers, so of course we love natural woven shades! And so do our customers, who have found that natural woven wood or grass shades are stylish while they solve their windows light control and privacy issues!

1) The Look: Natural woven shades are beautiful in many settings from casual to formal and contemporary to traditional interiors. They have become the most popular type of shades due to their aesthetic appeal as they warm up a room and add texture and the beauty of natural materials.

2) The Fabrics: Woven woods come in a huge array of fabric choices, from the traditional bamboo look to contemporary white and grey woods. They are also available in stunning grasscloth, rope, jute, and other natural fibers.

3) The Colors: The shades are available from white to black and everything in between.

4) The Added Trims: Decorative banding adds some visual contrast and interest.

5) The Endless Design Options: Natural shades add horizontal stripes. Shown in a hobbled style and a woven stripe style for added texture and impact.

6) The Specialty Shapes: Custom shapes are available for specialty windows such as arches and bays. They can be made in very wide or narrow widths to fit any window.

7) The Operating System Options: Most popular is the cordless system which is operated with a pull ring. Cordless looks great because there are no pull cords showing and it is a great safety feature! The motorized lift system is increasingly popular and more affordable. A great option for those high windows. And look at all the cool colors to choose from for your remote control!

8) The Configuration Options: The top down/bottom up lift system option gives you privacy in a bath room while letting in light above. Also available in a vertical orientation for sliding doors.

9) The Lining Options: So many lining options! From the left – unlined-privacy attached lining-blackout attached lining-privacy lining that operates separately.  Blackout  lining that operates separately. Let the light filter in during the day and lower the blackout shade for night time privacy and morning sleep time. Best of both worlds!

10) The showroom to see, touch and try out all these beautiful shades: Drapery Design offers the largest selection in the area including six different manufacturers offering infinite combinations of options. Come see all the options, then we can take sampling to your home for selecting just the right match and to measure!

Drapery Design

Inspiration: The Perfect Family Room

“The Family that Plays Together Stays Together”

Design a family room that will create memories

Arrange Furnishings to Encourage Togetherness

A well arranged family room is one that promotes comfortable conversation. Instead of placing your seating in a line parallel to the television, try moving the furniture so more people can easily converse. Consider electronics friendly tables so those who prefer to “surf” the web can still be in the same room as the rest of the family. Don’t forget to have good a reading light next to a comfortable place for the bookworms in your family.


Control Natural Lighting

Window treatments are not just for privacy. As well, they are used to frame a beautiful view, control light direction, and thermal protection. Since the family room is one of the most used rooms in a home, it is very probable your window treatments will need to do it all.

Full draperies are wonderful for privacy, thermal protection, and framing a view. However, when used in combination with blinds or shutters, you can achieve the perfect scenario for your room. Shutters especially allow you to re-direct light, by changing the angle of their slats, you can block most light, or even better, redirect the light toward the ceiling or floor depending on your needs. You can see shutters on this page that we came across when trying to find the perfect ones for our window. When used with full draperies, a complete blockage of light is easily attained for watching movies on a snowy Saturday together… or to tame that glare and enjoy Sunday sports!

Select Furniture for Comfort and Style

When choosing your furnishings, really consider exactly how they will be used. Prime example is the sofa… are you going to sit on the sofa or lay down? If you choose to sit upright, do you plan to have your feet on the floor, or, will you find another piece of furniture for which to prop them? How many family members on a daily basis will be using the room at one time? Do you have enough seating already or are you in need of some furniture that can multipurpose itself when necessary?

Updates in Drapery Hardware

Just as window fashions are moving towards a cleaner, more tailored look, similar trends are occurring in drapery hardware. Sleek, streamlined metal rod designs and small finials are being used to give a more sophisticated appearance. Although they are smaller, these new designs are anything but ordinary! Keep reading to find out more about our top five favorite new designs!

1. Metal rods and finials: The newest trend in drapery hardware is to use metal rods and finials. With such a wide variety of styles, finishes, and sizes, these durable necessities are now distinctive statement pieces.

2. Thin Rods: The traditional large decorative hardware has its place, but today’s new designs are more sleek and add an understated elegance to a room while still withstand the weight of custom draperies.

3. Smaller Finials: Small ball finials and square finials are in! We also love flat geometric finials, like the one you see on the left, for a truly contemporary look.

4. Crystal and Glass Finials: These gorgeous diamond-like finials are one of our favorite new designs! They come faceted or in blown glass looks and add sophisticated glamour to any room!

5. French Rods: French rods are hot! These designs return to the wall for a seamless minimal look, making them a popular choice at Drapery Design, and one of our personal favorites!

Want to see more updates in rod hardware? Follow our Decorative Rod Hardware Pinterest board for more inspiration! Click here!

As always, you are welcome to stop by our Paoli showroom to see our beautiful collection of contemporary rod hardware…I know you will love the crystal finials!

Additionally, I want to thank you very much for all your support in voting for us for the Best of the Main Line Reader’s Choice Award! We won in two categories – Best Custom Window Treatments and Best Drapery Store!

Start Your Summer with Sunbrella!!

Summer is officially here and we could not be happier! If you’re getting ready to relax poolside or spendsome time down the shore, the last thing you want to worry about is scrubbing up spilled ice cream stains on your furniture or damaging mildew! Luckily, there is a perfect solution…Sunbrella fabrics! Sunbrella is durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. Best of all, it comes in gorgeous colors and patterns so you won’t have to compromise on style; it even is available in sheer!

Here are our top five ways Sunbrella will make your summer easier:

1. Water Resistant: Looking to spend time poolside in style? Because Sunbrella is water resistant, one of its best uses is by the pool or on your boat!

water resistant

2. Easy to Clean: In addition to being stain repellant, Sunbrella is extremely easy to clean, making it the perfect fabric for kids’ parties or anywhere spills are bound to occur!

easy to clean
3. Durability: Sunbrella’s industrial grade fabrics are highly durable and can withstand jumping pets, wild weather, and active children. You won’t have to replace it as often as other fabrics because Sunbrella is engineered to last two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics!

4. Indoor/Outdoor: Sunbrella fabrics transition beautifully between indoors and outdoors, helping you maintain the design flow of your house. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you’ll definitely find something you love!

indoor outdoor
5. Health and Eco Benefits: Sunbrella fabrics make stylish, functional awnings that also help protect against UV rays! Sunbrella awnings are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Sunbrella can also reduce your home’s air conditioning bill! Studies show that the shade created from fabric awnings helps prevent the sun’s heat from entering the home through windows.

health and eco benefits
Click here to see more photos on our Sunbrella Pinterest page! And remember to stop by our showroom to see our collection of beautiful Sunbrella fabrics and start your project today!

Get Ready to Reupholster!

If you’re tired of an old chair or sofa, it can be expensive to replace. Why not reupholster it in a fresh modern fabric or even a classic neutral? We love seeing old furniture transformed with new fabrics. Spring is the perfect time to freshen up old tired upholstery and instantly update your room at the same time! Here are some ideas to inspire you! And remember, here at Drapery Design we can help you choose what’s right for your reupholstery project. Stop by our showroom to see our collection of beautiful upholstery fabrics and start your project today!

1. Choose a Bold Fabric: Add some color to your space with a bold fabric, like an ikat or a large scale pattern.

Reupholstery newsletter2 copy


2. Use an Accent Fabric: Try using two complementary fabrics for a chic update.

Reupholstery newsletter2 copy 2


3. Add Nail Heads: Nail heads are a perfect update for instant sophistication and a touch of glamour.

Reupholstery newsletter nail copy


4. Contrast Micro Cording: We love how sharp and eye catching contrast micro cording looks on furniture!

Reupholstery newsletter micro copy


5. Choose Neutrals: Neutrals are a refreshing change from worn out colored fabric. If you already have a lot of color and pattern in your room, you might want to go for a classic neutral fabric.

Reupholstery newsletter2


Before and After: Take a look at these great before and afters photos that use the ideas above! Isn’t it amazing how reupholstery can transform your old furniture?!

Reupholstery newsletter neutralsss

Reupholstery newsletter accent copy

Reupholstery newsletter micro

Five Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring!

Spring is here! Can you believe this crazy winter is finally coming to an end?! Spring is, of course, the best time to redecorate your home. We’ve looked at the latest interior design trends and came up with Five Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring! These simple updates will breathe new life into your home. With so many exciting trends to explore you’ll definitely find something you love!

1) Tape Trims: Flat tape trims are stylish and trendy! They come in a variety of patterns and designs. Add tape trim to an existing solid drapery for an easy update!

Tape Trims


2) Wallpaper: Wallpaper is back and better than ever! Create an accent wall with a bold pattern or paper the ceiling for stunning visual impact!

Wallpaper Trend


3) Large Scale Patterns: Large scale patterns are hot! These oversized designs are sure to make an impact in your home. Spruce up your bedroom with an upholstered fabric headboard in a bold print!

Trends updates graphics


4) Brights: Brights are the perfect embellishment for Spring! Add brights to your home with accessories like pillows and lamps or upholster an old piece of furniture with a bright fabric!

Bright Colors


5) Color Blocking: You may have heard of color blocking in clothing design but did you know you can color block in window fashions? Update your windows with color block draperies for a trendy sophisticated look!

Color Blocking

What will you update this Spring?

Sophisticated Neutrals in a Transitional Master Bedroom

Enjoy these photos of our latest installation! This master bedroom is a contemporary take on timeless design. Shades of cream, grey, and taupe create a sophisticated atmosphere, while box pleated drapery panels and rectangular pillows add visual structure. Here’s the finished product:

Master Bedroom

Taupe flat welting with mitered corners adds detail and interest to these rectangular plaid houndstooth pillows.

pillow close up

For the custom bedding, we made pillows, a bed scarf, and a bedskirt in matching fabric. We also reupholstered the bench with a beautiful patterned grey velvet.

Custom Bedding

Detail is everything! Even these dog beds are covered in grey and white geometric fabric! The back of the crate is even lined with plexi glass to keep the draperies clean and beautiful. What a great idea!


Here’s another look at the draperies. They are made of natural linen fabric with an inset taupe banding, creating clean lines or an elegant streamlined look.

Master Bedroom


Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper is back and better than ever! In the last year, wallpaper has seen a design rebirth. You’ll be amazed by how the latest technology has reshaped and expanded what wallpaper can do. We are seeing bigger, bolder patterns and colors, natural surfaces like grasscloth, shimmering metallics, and sculptural surfaces. Here are some of the biggest trends we’re seeing in wallpaper design:

Metallics: Add some subtle shimmer to your walls with metallic wallpaper! It will catch the light beautifully and looks stunning in any room.Wall metallics

Grasscloth: At Drapery Design we love the look of natural fibers window coverings, so of course we also love grasscloth wallpaper! It is available in many colors and textures and even comes in prints.


Large Scale Pattern: Wallpaper patterns have become bigger and bolder in both neutrals and bright colors. We are seeing a lot of geometric motifs. Large scale bold patterns like these can be overwhelming, but we love them as accent walls!

Sculptured Surfaces: Thanks to advances in print technology, the newest thing in wallpaper is sculpted surfaces! These wallpapers give the illusion that  a thick layer of paint was rolled on, creating a luxurious 3D look. Stop by our showroom to see these incredible papers in person!

Wall sculpted

New Places for Wallpaper: Along with fresh contemporary designs, wallpaper is being used in innovative places. We are seeing wallpaper on ceilings, above and below chair rails, and on single accent walls. Any of these ideas can give an old room new life. We love this “greenhouse effect” wallpapered ceiling!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.16.13 PM


You may know us as the window treatment experts, but we also carry wallpaper! You are welcome to visit our showroom to look at our collection of stunning wallpaper books–and receive 25% off your wallpaper purchase during the month of March!

New Filtered Colors from Robert Allen

New Arrivals from Robert Allen came today with perfect colors for Spring! This new line features soft, filtered colors in a fresh palate. Large scale patterns and digital photo effects in these colors put a new spin on the bright large scale motifs we’ve been seeing this year. Be sure to stop by our showroom to see this elegant collection! Here’s a quick look at some of the new fabrics and the inspiration that created them.


RA Opal

BlueOpal RA


RA Delight


Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.30.53 AM

Zinc RA

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